1949: Born in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Graduating from Waseda University. Then, started a career as a folk song-writer, composer and singer.


1995: Given a wooden flute (which is Hungarian traditional musical instrument) as a gift by a friend. Mr. Kurosaka named this flute-like instrument “Kocarina.” Then, Mr. Kurosaka worked with a Japanese wooden craftsman to further improve this instrument into a highly elaborate one.


Mr. Kurosaka made Kocarinas out of the trees, which had had to be cut down for the construction of the Nagano Winter Olympic Games. Then, Mr. Kurosaka played the Kocarina with Kid Kocarina Players at the awarding ceremony at the Nagano Olympiad.


2000 (Jul):Successfully performed a Friendly Kocarina Concert together with Nagano Kocarina Ensemble in Salt Lake City, Utah (USA) where the Winter Olympiad was held two years later (2002).


2006: Awarded by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for his passionate activities to cheer up those who were affected by 2004 Chuetsu Earthquake.


2006/2007:Officially Invited to Beijing Olympics-affiliated Official Cultural Festival and performed a


wonderful Kocarina concert.


2008(Jan):Officially invited to Vienna Concert House and performed a wonderful Kocarina concert.


2010(Jan) Performed a Kocarina concert at Viennese Music Association Hall.


2011 (Jan):Performed Kocarina 15th Anniversary Concert in the presence of Her Majesty Empress Michiko.


2011 (Mar):After Great East Japan Earthquake, Mr. Kurosaka decided to and started to hold the Cheer-up Concert at 100 sites all over Japan to assist the recovery of affected areas and people. He started passionate activities of a wide variety kind to support affected people. For example, he made Kocarinas out of pine trees in affected areas and offered such Kocarinas to children in the affected areas.


2012 (Jan):Held Recovery-from-Great-East-Japan-Earthquake Support Concert at Viennese Music Association Hall. The concert was a great success with full house.


2013(Autumn): Mr. Kurosaka and a Kocarina craftsman created wonderful Kocarinas out of branches of a pine tree, known as “Miracle Single Pine Tree” which managed to survive terrible tsunami when Great Earthquake happened in East Japan.


2013 (Dec):Held “Miracle Pine Tree Kocarina Concert” in the presence of Her Majesty Empress Michiko.


2014(Nov):Held a wonderful Kocarina Concert Vienna Concert House and Auditori Pay Casals in El Vendrell in Catalonia, Spain


2016 (Jan):Performed Kocarina 20th Anniversary Concert, with a great success, in the presence of Her Majesty Empress Michiko.